What size/weight is a shipping container?

We stock various sizes of containers from 20ft to 45ft. A 20′ long weights 4,850 pounds, A 40′ long weights 8,380 pounds, A 40′ long High cube weights 8,600 pounds and A 45′ long High cube weights 10,580 pounds.

Where is your nearest container depot to me and how much will it cost to have a shipping container delivered?

We have containers in locations all over the USA. If you contact us with your zip code we will work out an accurate delivery cost.

How long can I expect my shipping container to last?

As all the shipping containers we sell were designed to cope with marine voyages they are extremely strong and durable. Obviously, the length of time the container will last depends on the conditions it is kept in. New or ex-factory containers have only had one journey over from China and therefore could be reasonably expected to last for about 30 years. The second hand shipping containers we supply will be several years old but wind and watertight and you could therefore expect them to last many years from point of sale.

What is the difference between a new or ex-factory and a used container?

New containers are also referred to as one trip or once used because they are shipping containers that have been shipped over directly from China with one load in them. They are in excellent condition and suitable for shipping or for storage particularly where appearance is important.

How are shipping containers constructed?

The rigid steel framework supports the corrugated steel walls. There are double doors at one end (usually referred to as the back) that have 4 full height locking bars. If you are going to use the shipping container for storage, we would recommend that a lock box is fitted which is a metal cowl that is welded on to the container doors and helps prevent illegal access. The internal floor sits on a steel plinth as is made of 27mm treated timber.

What are shipping containers?

Shipping containers are steel containers that were developed for the shipping industry. They are made out of high tensile, rust inhibiting corten steel and are therefore very strong and weatherproof. The structure of shipping containers makes them able to be stacked on top of one another. All of this makes shipping containers ideal for storage, office accommodation etc.

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